High Performance Material Ultem 2300

High-Performance Materials

Some of our competitors settle for using plastic in manufacturing when they need to cut weight because it's an “easy” and inexpensive path. DuraBrite however, prefers the “best” way to design and uses something far more rugged – an advanced engineering composite called Ultem 2300 to construct a high strength but ultra-light frame around each light fixture.

This material is 30% glass fiber-reinforced, with similar elements employed in state-of-the-art aircraft fuselages. It features the winning attributes of a high-performance polymer with resistance to extreme temperatures, exceptional flame and heat resistance, and the ability to endure up to 340°F and down to -67°F.

But we didn't just stop there. Our lights are also 100% waterproof, and tested for their respective ratings. Finally, to guarantee product integrity, each and every light is rigorously tested before we ship to you.