DuraBrite On-The-Go

DuraBrite On-The-Go


No electrical power? No problem.

Our innovative engineers have answered the calls for portable, high-performance, low-draw LED lighting solutions. Weighing just under 20 lbs, our portable light merges the popular Mini attributes with the addition of four mounted legs, a military grade housing, and a secure bolted handle for convenient rugged portability.

• 16,670 raw lumens

• Highly resistant ceramic coated exterior

• Bulletproof front glass available

• Dimming function standard

• Strobing function available  

• Remote Bluetooth app for battery life available

• Custom handle design available 

• Colored filters available

• IP67 waterproof (light only)

• Shock and vibration proof

• Ruggedized and lightweight

* 8 hrs battery life

* 5 year warranty  

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