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Patented Optical Circuit  


DuraBrite products feature a unique bulb layout designed to minimize shadows and light gaps. Each Mini luminaire consists of 21 bulbs, while each Pro and Standard luminaire features 63, all working in unison to create a single exceptionally uniform light beam – an important safety feature for superior visibility.

Our lights run cool, but more importantly they display a consistent uniformity of temperature among all LED bulbs, never reaching more than a 10°C difference between the hottest and coolest bulb. To achieve this, all of our lights are thermally imaged, and each image is closely examined to ensure it passes our strict temperature homogeneity requirements. This guarantees a uniform brightness for each luminaire.

In the rare event that a chip should burn out; the rest will continue to illuminate with reliable performance. This winning combination of innovative technology, cutting-edge materials and our thorough attention to detail, results in a superior product, every time.