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Venting System

DuraBrite products use a military grade venting system from Gore that prevents condensation build up, which can “fog” a light. The light can basically breathe –as water vapor is drawn out, water droplets are unable to come in. 90% of other lights on the market lack this feature.

DuraBrite draws on substantial experience from aerospace and military electronics design, having successfully implemented this venting technology across many projects in these fields. This is a crucial benefit; especially for high optical output LED marine lights, as a bright and clear light can perform reliably to insure visibility on the water in any weather condition. 

Because of this breathability, our products ensure equalized pressure so that each light won’t go out of shape. In other words, the lens will always look perfectly flat no matter how many days it’s put to use and no matter the conditions. Finally, thanks to this lack of pressure differential, our products’ seals won’t be compromised over time and the IP67 waterproofness rating can be maintained for the entire life of the product.